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Hi, If I adopt an older piglet (4mos) will it be more difficult to bond with her than if I adopt a 6 week old? can it be done?

Thank you for your advice. I bought a bottle fed baby, 6 weeks old, but had to return him to breeder almost immediately due to chronic diarrhea...he was neutered, given shots all within 24 hours and only 3 pounds. I am worried he will have health issues his whole life so am thinking about letting her keep him and taking one of her older piglets, 4 mos. or so.  Is that too old to bond with as a house pet?


No 4 months is not too old. In fact, if the 4 month old was kept with Momma piggy until she weaned him (or her) naturally, piggy will be a much better adjusted pet. Pigs learn important social lessons from Momma pig and siblings. Babies taken at a young age often don't get to learn those lessons, and there is a risk of aggression later on.

Set up a small room in your home, like a laundry room, bathroom, closet, etc for piggy's safe space. Put in a bed and litter box. Then, spend time sitting on the floor in the room and let piggy come to you, or sit just outside the room and let piggy visit you. Let piggy go at his own pace, he will bond with you quickly

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