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Pot Bellied Pigs/chances of 1 week old piglet surviving without mom


i just got a pb piglet thats 1 week old the lady i got him from took him from his mom for some unknown reason what is the probability of its survival? i will do all that i can to keep him alive no matter what is said i just want a number so i can be prepared in case. I've hand raised lots of  animals just not piglets yet. I know colostrum is a need for them I just dont know how long the sow puts out colostrum. Is there a good chance in survivability?

I'm afraid the answer is, it depends. But, considering you are looking for info I'd say piggy has a better chance than if he ended up with someone who didn't bother to ask questions.

The best thing to feed baby is sow replacement formula. If you can't find that, use goat milk.

Babies need WARMTH  Keep baby warm. Put a heating pad by piggy's bed, so baby can get close to or away from the pad as needed.

Get piggy to eat from a dish or pan as soon as possible. Bottle feeding is cute and fun, and it is an easy way to give piggy water when piggy is out traveling with you. But, piglets can easily aspirate from a bottle, and that could lead to pneumonia. They do much better drinking from a pan.

Start looking now for a vet that sees pet pigs. This way you'll know who to call in an emergency

Diarrhea can be life threatening for a baby piglet, if this develops, call that vet right away and give baby Pedialyte.

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