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Pot Bellied Pigs/my micro mini pot belly piggy Babygirl..


Babygirls face
Babygirls face  
Babygirl went through a second blowout this year but her hair isn't growing back like it did the first time?
I haven't changed anything with any of my piggies as far as their food..water..going outside which they don't go out as often due to it being cold..
When I got them 2 yrs ago they had to be treated for mange but its not that I do have other house is piggy proof also..
Any advice would be helpful..thank you

It's difficult to predict how a pig will blow her coat. They do it differently each time. Sometimes it takes a couple of weeks for new bristles to grow in.

You can try giving her a childrens multi-vitamin with vitamin E daily, and add a little coconut oil to her food.

If she stays really bald for a month or so, or starts to develop any sort of rash, piggy will need to see a veterinarian.

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