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We have a 7 month old mini pot belly and yesterday we noticed what looked like a scab on her neck.  After squeezing around it for some time, finally a good bit of brown liquid came out.  There was not foul odor at all and she didn't act as if in pain (in fact she slept through it!).  Now there is a hole like a large pore.  She has another one identical to it on the other side of her neck.  Are these some sort of sweat gland?  The other pore has no liquid in it that I can tell.  The way they are equally spaced, it looks like there is some purpose, but I have no idea!

Pigs have some pores on their legs but not on their necks. There's a couple of possibilities about these things.

The skin around a pigs neck is pretty thick. Some bugs, like fleas or ticks, simply can't catch on. Some bugs, like some kinds of flies, lay their eggs in the skin of a host animal. Sometimes they can bite through pig skin and lay the egg, but the skin is so thick the egg can't hatch or survive, so it turns into a scab over ick.

Another possibility is that piggy had a small boo-boo, and dirt got inside. Pigs love to rub against rough surfaces, and they can get tiny wounds if they rub against something sharp.

A third possibility is that these are bites from a rodent or stinging insect.

Wash the wound out until it's clean. Pig wounds often leave deep pits in the skin that quickly fill in. The important thing is to get all the gunk out.

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