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I have had a mini pot belly, Babe, for about 6 months now and I can not get him potty trained. I had a full pot belly pig years ago and had no issues with potty training. So I am curious is there anything else I can try with Babe? I have a litter box I his room but also take him outside every couple of hours. He will go outside for 10 to 15 minutes, come right back in and pee in the house. If he has accident I take him outside immediately, tell him to go potty but, seem to not be getting anywhere with house breaking him. I have even gotten to the point where he is in a large cage at night and when not home but he will even use the restroom in it and then lay in it... I am out of ideas I hope you are able to help with this issue. Thank you

First, is he neutered? Intact pigs, male or female, are difficult to potty train. A big part of the problem is hormones that drive them to mark their territory by peeing.

Make sure the potty box is up to piggy standards. The box needs to have at least one low side, so piggy can easily step in without stepping up. In the wild, pigs walk down hill to go potty, stepping up or over a high edge to potty is unnatural for them. The box should be big enough for piggy to turn around in comfortably, and have a non-slip floor so piggy can so his thing comfortably.

Male pigs will soak their bedding with a variety of body fluids. It can appear to be pee. If piggy is intact and wetting the bed, it's due to being intact.

If piggy is neutered and wetting the bed, he may have a urinary infection. Treating the infection will be a necessary first step to potty training. Other symptoms include frequent urination, straining to pee, or odd smelling pee or pus. If piggy has any of these symptoms, he'll need to see a vet.

Piggy may not realize he has to pee until it's too late, so you'll have to do some thinking ahead for him. When piggy is outside, make sure he pees before coming in.

After he's come inside, keep a close eye on him for a minute or two, then take him to his potty box and make him pee again.

Give him a smallish space, like a laundry room, bathroom or closet. Put a bed and litter box there, and keep him in there when you are not at home. This way he will have handy access to the litter box, but also a bit of space between the box and his bed.

Make him potty in the box before letting him out of his room. Or, take him directly from the space to outside to potty. Make sure he potties right before he comes in.  

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