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I have a 5 month old nuetered mini pot belly pig, he has always suckled mainly myself and sometimes my husband. He especially does this when he is wanting to settle down and sleep. I don't mind it, our cat does the same but to a blanket, but she was weaned to early from her mother. My question is should I stop him from suckling? Does that show dominance, is it bad behavior, potentially cause bad behavior or was he weaned too early like my cat? He mainly suckles the outside of my thigh, sometimes my arm or tries to suckle my ribs but I'm too ticklish to let him.  Also he has shown signs of aggression but I have been doing what you said in previous articles, about moving him, making him work (aka tricks) for food and ignoring him when he wakes me up in the middle of the night (which is slowly working). I have made him toys that have holes in a bottle with pellets that he pushes around to get the food. I keep him on a schedule with food and keep a good balanced meals. Is there anything else you would suggest?

Lastly I would like to introduce him to my mothers dog who is a 7 pounds and very dominate but very sweet  (my Piggie is not dominate towards animals so far, he fears them mainly) any tips on introducing them and would a 7 pound tiny dog do any damage to a 30 pound Piggie?

The suckling is natural piglet behavior. It will stop, probably within the next month or so. I am assuming that his age is accurate, I have seen breeders fudge a piglets age to make a sale. Naturally weaned piglets generally stop this behavior at 4 or 5 months, and piglets weaned early rarely continue past 6 months of age.

In the wild, dogs and pigs are natural enemies. Dogs are predators, their jaws open wide to catch prey and their teeth are long and sharp to tear flesh from bone.

In pig-dog conflicts, even when the dog is smaller, the pig is usually the looser.

Pig-dog situations can work out or be deadly - it all depends on the dogs, the people, the situation and the pig. The best solution depends on the situation.

Ideally, both animals will have a crate or safe space where they can be secured. Keep them both on harness and lead. Let them see and sniff each other. Watch them very, very carefully. Your mother should know her dog fairly well, if either animal seems upset, separate them.

Do not introduce food into the situation. Food works with pig-pig introductions because pigs understand pigs and interact like pigs. Dogs and pigs don't always understand each other and fights over food can be ugly.

If the pig and dog need to live together in the same house for the long term, work slowly on getting them together, gradually let them off lead. Never feed them together, feed them in their own secure space.

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