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My 4 month old mini pot belly pig jumped off of the bed and caught his back huff on a make up case on the floor and broke the back part of his huff. It bled pretty good and stopped after apply pressure. It is broken in half though...he can walk just fine...is his huff like a toenail that will fall off and grow back? Please help the vet is closed.

Yes, hooves are a lot like toe nails. They grow and need trimming. His hoof should grow out fine. Keep it clean and watch out for signs of infection, like redness or swelling. Check his feet daily, and, if you can, file them just a bit with an emery board or nail file. If you can file his feet a little bit every day, he may never need a hoof trim

When pigs jump off furniture they can sprain or strain their legs. Pet steps are an ideal solution, allowing piggy to get safely up and down from furniture. Drs Foster & Smith sell pre made steps, or you can make your own with a simple step stool or you can build a fancy set. Just make sure all the steps are slip proof  

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