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We have recently acquired a baby pot belly pig from A friend that is only a few days old. He said that the mother had smothered the other 7 piglets and she was the only one left. They were feeding her corn bread soaked in goats milk on a pan and she loves it but after reading alot about these animals today I'm not sure if that's what i should be giving her. She has done well eating every 4 hours and wakes up on her own and starts rooting when she's hungry. Also she pooping a peeing regularly but her stool is yellow and kinda runny...wasn't sure if that was good or not. I made her a little sweater out of a sock and she between that and her being tucked in my shirt she seems pretty calm and warm most of the time but another concern is she can't walk yet...she kinda wobbles around and tries to stand but isn't very good on her feet nor is she very active at all which I assumed was because of her being so young. I have had pigs in the past but they were much older, very fast and into everything:) Matilda on the other hand likes to be held and I felt as though she was getting spoiled and would never learn to stand tucked in my shirt so tonight I put her on an electric blanket on low and let her lay with a stuffed animal beside me. She was fine at first but after about 30 mins began breathing loudly and shaking. She even had something on her snout. While she is a messy eater I thought maybe it was just a little corn bread but it was more like slobber when I went to wipe it away and scared me to thinking she was foaming at the mouth hasn't came back since.i wiped it. Also since then I have picked her back up and her breathing slowed some and the shaking stopped when I talked to her but she still does it from time just when i relax and think she's to ok and I don't know if its coincidence or not that she stops when I speak to her or if she is just bonded and my voice calms her. I have completely fallen in love and Any advice u have would be greatly appreciated especially since I will not be able to take her to vet until Monday morning. Thank u so much in advance.
-Worried Mommy

I am not a veterinarian and can not make a medical diagnosis or prescribe treatment over the internet. Also, very tiny babies need extra care.

Baby piglets should be able to walk from the moment of birth. The combination of her wobbliness and the death of all her other siblings is troubling. Pigs are usually very good Mommas, there may be more to this baby's story.

Pig Momma's milk has important nutrients and antibodies to protect babies from illness. The diarrhea is worrisome, so make sure she gets plenty of goat milk and stays hydrated.

She may also need vitamins or iron supplements that she was not able to get at birth. Your vet can give her some replacement nutrients.

Sow replacement formula is a little bit better than goat milk, but not much. Either is better than cows milk. Give it to her at room temperature or just slightly warm.

Piglets need lots of warmth because they can't control their body temperature. So it's possible the heating blanket was just a little bit too warm for her.

So far you are doing all you can and doing it the right way. But, as I said, it's very unusual for all or almost all piglets to perish, unless there is a deeper problem. Perhaps they were born prematurely  

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