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Can I use witch hazel on my pigs skin? What do you recommend?

My personal favorite pig lotion for dry skin is Corn Huskers Lotion. It's not costly and is readily available from drug stores, Amazon, Wal-marts, etc. It's non greasy and makes black pigs really shine.

Many people swear by Avon Skin So Soft. People claim it acts as a bug repellent too, but Avon denies this.

Pig skin and people skin are so much alike that pig skin is often used to treat human burn victims. So if you can use it on people skin, you can use it on your pig. It's ok to use cheap lotions from your local dollar store, or whatever your local discount drug store offers on sale.

The only thing to watch for are strong scents. Some strong odors causea strong reaction in pigs, they may fall to the ground, squeal, or rub their face on something. It can look like a seizure and be kinda scary!

Many people want to use organic or natural products on their pets. Natural or organic products are usually expensive to buy but fairly cheap to make yourself.

Glycerin is available at any drug store (you might have to ask for it; it might be tucked up high on a shelf) and is the primary ingredient in almost every skin lotion manufactured today. An easy and effective lotion is rose or lavender scented water mixed with glycerin. Shea and coco butter are effective, popular, and easily available ingredients to mix your own.

Witch hazel is an astringent; that is, it dries out skin. It does not moisturize, so it's not a good choice for pigs.  

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