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Hi, my old pot bellied pig Pinky (aged almost 13) stopped eating his pellets 5 days ago and has excessive thirst. He is becoming very weak and losing a lot of weight. Vet came out and gave him a long acting antibiotic injection 3 days ago but he hasn't improved. He will eat 'treats' like apples and sardines and is constantly drinking water. I wondered if you had any idea what could br wrong?

I am not a veterinarian and can not make a medical diagnosis or prescribe treatment over the internet. I am wondering what the vet did besides prescribe an antibiotic? Did he do any blood or urine tests? The symptoms could indicate kidney disease. But, again, I am not a medical professional.

If piggy is willing to drink, then try to get nutrients into him through liquids. Many pigs love strawberry Boost and Ensure. Other options include melted ice cream, or sour and cream cheese mixed together. You can add instant breakfast or similar powdered drink mixes. If it's too thick, thin it with full fat canned milk or goat milk.

You can also soak his pellets in warm water until they look like cream of wheat. Then, you can mix in any of the suggestions above. He might be willing to eat pellets if they are soft, squishy and mixed with ice cream

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