Pot Bellied Pigs/Upset Eating


MarkPrivate1944 wrote at 2015-07-03 09:50:08
Most of Patty's advice to you is good however I have not found the problems she claims to have with un-spayed females. Patty does not raise pet pigs, she raises outdoor pigs for profit. It sounds as if your girl is a bit spoiled and acting out and it will take time and consistency to change her bad habit. I have read 18 of Patty's responses in a row and this is the first one where she gave you her personal email address so she could sell you her royal dandie pig chow rather then just sending you directly to her website as she has done with every other answer she has given on this site thus far.  

Pot Bellied Pigs

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Patricia Morrisroe


I have bred Royal Dandie Miniature Pigs for over 20 years. I can answer any questions about care, feeding, training, personalities, differences from other Miniature pet pigs, how to litter box train, leash training, bathing, What supplements they need, how to house them.


I am the only breeder in the world. I created this breed of miniature pig over the last 21 years. I have been answering questions everyday for 21 years.

Founded the Crabbet Arabian Assoc of Oregon, Had my USDA license, Experience with feeding formulas, product development, 21 years of studies in pig genetics.

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