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Pot Bellied Pigs/Mortimer is peeing every where and seems depressed


QUESTION: I got Mortimer in Febuary. He was 4 months old and weighed 8 lbs. He had a massive UTI and mange. I took him to the vet, got him all fixed up. In early March, I got him neutered. So, prior to bring neutered, gee slept in my bed. He gained 7lbs in knee month. He's close to 20lbs at 6 months old. I've been told he's over weight. I feed him pellets for meals and veggies and cheerios for snacks and treats. So here's the problem. Before he was fixed, held his pee through the night. He was litter box trained. Now he wets the bed. I had to take him out of my bed and had him sleeping in a play pen. We would get up in the morning and take him directly outside or to his litter box. Then we would feed him breakfast. Every time he would wait until he was back in the kitchen to pee. He poos out side. My goal is to have him house trained and go out side all the time. He also seems really sad. He refuses to come inside without bribery. He hangs his head and has sad eyes. We blocked off an area of the living room just for him. He still seems depressed, but will use the litter box again. I tried welcoming him back to our bed to see off that alleviates the depression. He was happy to be there, but still wet the bed. Help!! I just want him happy and well trained. I've held off on all other training until this potty issue is figured out. He does come when called and I've been taking training really slow since he came to us from a high stress environment.

ANSWER: Has he been rechecked by your vet just in case he might have an infection?

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QUESTION: Yes, no infection. Urine is clear and didn't smell. No pus. In fact, it almost loss like water.

Answer's what I'd do.......
Put him in a small a folding puppy exercise pen.
Put in a litter box.  If he uses it great...if not put in another litter box.  As long as he is not using it keep adding litter boxes until he doesn't have choice!  When he starts using them gradually take one at a time out.

the only time he gets out of the pen is only after he has just peed he can come out until it's time to pee again.  He shouldn't be allowed to sleep with you until he has only peed where he is supposed to for at least a couple of weeks.

Please send me some pictures of him and I will evaluate his weight.
Send pictures to
We can also discuss his feeding program and nutrient intake to help his depression issue.
Hope this helps,

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