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My pig is 10 months old, he started keeping his penis hanging out and will spray pee like a sprinkler. I got him fixed a week ago and it seems worse then before. Will in time it will he keep it in a not pee like that or should I take him back to the vet?

This behavior should stop as the hormones leave his system. Pigs can release live sperm for up to 30 days after neutering. Usually the humping and odor disappear after two or three weeks.

Infection is always a potential problem. I assume the vet checked piggy for any possible urinary infection before neutering. But, the surgical incision beneath his tail could become infected, or the preputial diverticulum, a pouch located in the middle of his belly near the penis, could be infected or dirty. Wash his belly with warm, soapy water and try to empty the pouch once or twice a day for a week or so. Also, keep the incision area beneath his tail clean.

Watch for the usual danger signs - lethargy, fever, refusing to eat, drink, pee or poop, or straining to go potty. If any of this happens, call the vet at once.

If, after three weeks, piggy is still displaying this behavior or acting like an intact boar, contact your vet. Piggy may have a retained testicle in his abdomen. Usually this is spotted during the neuter surgery, but it might have been missed. Another possibility is an infection in the urinary tract that was missed.

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