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Hello, I have a 4 week old juliana pig. He has been eating mazuri youth pig pellets for past week...I mush up a few tablespoons with milk and feed him every 3-4 hours. His belly is very bloated. Any advice would be appreciated.  He has been peeing and pooping after every meal..even pooping 2 or 3 times after eating. Yet his tummy has gotten very big in just a week. Am I feeding him to much? He seems starving every tine I feed him. He gobbles every drop up. Could he have worms? I have not dewormed him yet. Thank you!!

Unfortunately.....your piglet should still be with it mother an siblings at this age.
That being said....I would recommend worming.
At 4 weeks of age a piglet should still be nursing it's mom.  He would be getting mostly milk with just a bit of nibbling in his mother feed.  He would be nursing about every 2 to three hours and as he matures he will eat more solid food an less of his mothers milk.
It is very easy to over feed these little guys which can bloating and possibly a blockage in the stomach and bowels.
The best way to feed is t feed smaller amounts a little more often.  Don't let him over eat at each meal.
I also recommend changing him over to a more balanced feeding program.  The infinity Plus feed is designed especially for smaller pigs. the line has a Vit/Min supplement that complements the feed.  It can be easily adjusted for the each individual situation.  I also highly recommend the infinity Plus Training Harness/Leash with Video link.  All of the above will help to ensure that you and your piglet get off to a great start!

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