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Pot Bellied Pigs/Potbelly pooping less and slight confusion?


Hello:) Im a pig owner that has contacted you before and got helpful information and im hoping you can help again! Here goes.... I have a 300 pound potbelly pig. Hes fixed and about two years old. We recently moved to a new home about three months ago and getting him here was TERRIBLE! We had to end up putting a strap around him and more or less pull him into the back of an SUV. Our new home is all tile and he refuses to walk on it, so he stays in the living room on a 10x15 foot area rug. Every since we moved here he has been pooping little popcorn shaped poops all over the back yard. He used to poop big full size pieces. Starting a week ago exactly i noticed he was acting strange... He didnt get up at his usual 1pm to go out and have lunch. He slept until i got him up at about 5pm, and was very hard to get outside. When he finally did, he was grunting trying to poop. Just a little amount came out. ALSO, he seemed confused about his surroundings, such as finding his food dish when i put it down for dinner. Same spot i always put it, plus i shook it, and he was walking the opposite direction looking for it? When going outside, if i call for him, he goes the opposite direction looking for me. Since last Friday he has been sleeping more than usual as well. He has been pooping less than half what he always has! He no longer grunts while trying to poop, but he stands in his potty stance for five minutes with nothing coming out. Then finally a little will come out. I read to give him pumpkin to help smooth things along, so for the last three days i have been giving him pumpkin with every other meal. Seems to be pooping the same amount. Not much. He eats and drinks his food like normal though! So tonight, just now, i improvised a glove out of a plastic bag and stuck my finger... in. I could feel feces inside as he pushed. I kept pushing it out with my finger. Little balls of it. Did this for about ten minutes until he sat down and would have no more of it. So he is pooping very little vs what he always has, and acting confused about where hes at randomly throughout our daily routines. Could it be from lack of exercise since his living area was cut so small? But how would that explain the confusion? And what else can i try beside pumpkin? Sometimes my dogs chew up tennis balls and he picks up the small rubber pieces if i dont get to them quick enough, but always chews them and drops them. And they say with a blockage they wont poop at all? Sorry to make this so long, but i figured the more info i can give, the better help i can get! Cant afford to have a vet come out right now, or i would have done that already, so im hoping we can fix it at home! Oh and he wouldnt eat the pumpkin tonight, may be the brand, but hes usually not picky. Came right in and ate pig pellets okay, and drank too. Please, any suggestions on the pooping and random confusion would be amazing! Thank you so much for reading this! XOX Kate and Chev

I am not a veterinarian and can not make a medical diagnosis over the internet.

I think a couple of things are happening here. First, piggy is having trouble adjusting to his new environment, and the confinement probably has him a little depressed.

The symptoms of a blockage are usually no poop or diarrhea, because that's all that can get around the blockage. Dehydration often causes small, condensed, dry poops.

The lethargy and confusion are worrisome symptoms. So, I would try giving piggy water with fruit juice, and extra liquids in his food. If things don't change quickly, then piggy might need a vet.

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