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micro mini pig started a rash yesterday that looks like blood specks up under the skin.  It is spreading fast and is around his eyes and snout.  What can I do to help him and make it go away.  It is covering about 80% of his body now...Help please.

I am not a veterinarian and can not make a medical diagnosis over the internet.

The rash could be from any number of things, ranging from minor to deadly.

Pig skin is pretty tough, only a few insects can bite through, like fire ants and wasps. Piggy may have stuck his snout into a mud wasp nest.

Pig skin is much more resistant to irritation than human skin. For example, some people catch poison ivy very easily from even a tiny bit of contact, but most pigs are not affected. But, that doesn't mean pig skin is indestructible, exposure to chemicals or something like poison ivy could cause this.

Pigs, like people, can be allergic to some foods. It's very rare, but does happen occasionally. People have reported pigs getting rashes after eating strawberries.

A dangerous cause could be erysipelas. If your piggy was at all not feeling well in the last few days, more tired than usual, or feverish, or not as hungry, then this could be erysipelas and piggy will need to see a veterinarian at once, because this is a serious disease.

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