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MarkPrivate1944 wrote at 2015-07-03 09:33:32
I would contact pig rescue organizations, there are many you can easily email that will help you in anyway they can to get your guy neutered, they really prefer to help animals stay in the homes they are at rather then take them into shelters or foster homes or have unwanted litters because people were unable to afford spay/neuter. This is usually the case for most popular pets, not just pigs. It will not hurt your male to not neuter him, he may however have to live alone or with another male if you do not want to have more litters, he definitely needs to be kept away from the mom & babies pigs until they are weaned or the piglets could be injured. As for odor removal. The product "OdorMute" is used in city septic systems, professional kennels and a lot of other smelly areas and it does remove most odors if used as directed. You can find OdorMute at some pet stores or purchase it online. I buy mine in 5 pound packages and use it everywhere, including in our rental properties and directly on the dogs and our pig, because it is safe and natural! Carpet is difficult to remove the odor because you have to saturate the carpet, padding and get to the bare floor underneath, it can be done, you just have to lift the carpet and padding and use a fan to dry it completely. If carpet is going to remain a problem I suggest removing it completely and using throw rugs that can go in the washer or heavy duty commercial type rugs like you find in front of store doors and such that you can remove and hose off outside. There are companies that rent them to businesses and come around every week or so to bring clean ones and take the dirty ones away for cleaning.

* No, I do not have any connection to the company or anyone that sells OdorMute. Patty often recommends people go to the royaldandie website to purchase her products and piglets and we clash because I call her on her "stuff" and only being here to drum up business for herself and NOT to help people!  

Pot Bellied Pigs

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