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Until recently, my two potbellys have been indoor pigs, so I've never had any fly problems before. However, my piggies and I are currently staying with my parents until my boyfriend and I move to our next home, and my piggies, Tater Tot and Gizmo, are living outdoors. They are covered in flies! Fortunately, I haven't found any bites on them. We have fly traps set up all over their patio, which has helped, and we keep up with discarding their poop. But the flies are concentrated around Tater Tot And Gizmo. I have heard that there are fly repellents available, but I can't seem to find a specific product name. Also, I've heard Avon's Skin So Soft might help. Is there any product that you suggest for this problem. Even if it can cut down on the amount of flies, that would bring  me and my piggies some relief!

You can use any insect repellent made for people on your pigs. Look for a stronger product like Deep Woods Off at your local drug or discount store. Lotions are easy to apply, pump spray is too but be careful to not get any spray in their eyes. Pigs don't like cold lotion or sprays, so put the container in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes before applying it. You'll probably have to do a couple of applications a day when the flies are really bad

You can also use any fly repellent made for horses on your pigs. Most of those are wipe on kinds. They are stronger than the products made for people. They also have a strong smell that can bother people and pigs.

Fly predators are tiny non-stinging wasps that eat fly larva. They are very effective, but it takes time. It takes a couple of days for the fly predators eggs to hatch. When they do, they will attack fly larva but existing adult flies are unaffected. Also, they are only effective for a few weeks, most places need between 2 and 4 treatments per summer to keep the flies at bay

Valley Vet Supply has a wide range of horse products including fly wipe, and I think they also carry fly predators

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