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I have a male pig who is about 2 years old. He lives inside, has his own area designated in our house, and we let him outside for potty and play. He is overall a great pig.

It's been very recently that he now cries all day for no apparent reason. My husband works 3rd shift and has never had this problem before. My husband will take him outside but he doesn't want to potty nor does he really want to go stay out and play. In an effort to stop his crying we have given the pig access to our kitchen and living room during the day along with his designated area. Please help as we are both at a loss at what to do. Thank you!!

First....You should have yur Vet check him fr a possible urinary track infection.
The next important issue is his diet.  Diet lacking in certain Vits/Mins can also cause many behavioral issues.
I highly recommend Infinity Plus Adult Chow and their Vit/Min Supplement.
It will help insure that your pig is receiving all of his nutritional requirements which will in turn Help with behavioral issues.

Prducts can be found at
Hope this helps!

Pot Bellied Pigs

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