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Pot Bellied Pigs/recent licking/biting/kissing/chasing


My husband and i were given a rather large pot bellied big about 3months ago. She's NOT a baby, but not over 2 years old..we weren't ever told her age. Her name is Bacon, and she's recently taken a very high liking to me. She's licking my legs, walks right behind me, if i speed up, she does too. She gets really excited and oinks and grunts and chases/follows me everywhere i go if she's out her pen. We thought she just took a sweet spot for me since i do most of the tending to her, along with the kids. But she's NOT chasing or licking anybody else. She isn't running away from my husband when he plays Wyeth her lately either. We've been educating ourselves through books and online/offline resources, because she is our first pig child. She's not being aggressive. But she's so big she does scare me some times. Am i putting off too much Fear than assertiveness?

She sounds like she is in heat. Pigs in heat will pick a person or pet as their "mate". This  will last a few days, then she'll be back to normal.

The problem is, until she is fixed, she'll go into heat every month. As pigs get older their heat behavior gets worse. They may become aggressive towards everyone except their "mate". They forget potty training. They become escape artists and will roam for several miles in search of an intact male.

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Pot Bellied Pigs

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