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I have a 9 week old female macro pot belly pig named Stella. We got her when she was 5 weeks old and she's adjusting fairly well. She uses the doggy door well and has never, ever pooped inside the house. She has a litter box in her pen (puppy play pen that has her bed, food and water bowls and litter box) with pine shavings in it. She uses it occasionally but more often than not, she just pees somewhere beside it. When we let her out of her pen and she's in the living room with us (she doesn't have access to the entire house just the front room with us) she pees in the same 3 different spots as soon as our eyes leave her. The doggy door is 10 feet away! Its so frustrating. Thankfully, we have wood floors but its still discouraging. Please help!

Pigs learn to potty in specific spots, this is why she has the same three accident sites. Young pipgs don't always know they have to potty until it's too late to run to a litter box in another room. They just can't make it, so they pee near where they are.

Pigs learn quickly, but unlearn very slowly. So she'll learn new habits easily, but, she'll also remember the old, undesireable ones for a very long time.

A good litter box has one very low side for piggy to step into. A non-slip floor is a necessity, so piggy feels comfortable in it. You can use almost any kind of litter except kitty litters, or old towels or nothing at all, just empty and wash the box daily or as needed.

The first part of the technique is to get her to potty in her box or outside so often that she can't make a potty mistake indoors, even if she tried. That's hard to do because it means frequent potty trips. Make her potty inside her litterbox (or take her directly outdoors, no stopping along the way) before feeding her breakfast. Make her potty in her litterbox (or take her direclty outdoors) before letting her out of her safe space. After she's been out of her space for maybe 5 or 10 mintues, take her back to the box and make her potty again. When she wakes up for a nap, she must go directly to the potty. And, if it's been an hour or two since she's been to her box to potty, take her and make her potty.

When teaching her to potty on command, it might take a few mintues for her to get the idea. So it's important to put her directly in the box and don't let her out until she does the deed. You can give her a small treat as a reward for pottying on command.

The second part is to keep up the routine for at least three months. It's a long time, because she will remember the bad habits for a long time. She has to stick with the new routine so long she actually forgets the old bad habits.

It helps to clean her accident spots with any quality product designed to remove pet odors. After cleaning, some people like to sprinkle baking soda on the accident spots. It helps to keep piggy away from those spots. Some people put a fresh mat down over the clean spot and feed piggy treats there, but that doesn't always seem to work.

A much more effective technique is to keep piggy on a harness and lead whenever piggy is out of her safe space. This way you will always know where she is and what she is doing, and it will help alert you when she starts thinking about an accident.  

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