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QUESTION: my mini pig is 5 months old she was born on march 9,2015. I noticed her vagina was swollen about 2 weeks ago on 7/30 but it is still swollen this is her first heat and she really isnt showing signs of it swelling down. She is acting normal eating normal everything normal but her swollen hooch. Is this something to worry about? I know the lady I got her from would give me a hard time for not spaying her but I really don't believe in doing that to my animals

ANSWER: Your piggy is about the right age to start coming into heat. The first few cycles are often just "practice runs" so to speak. Piggy may have just a few, mild heat symptoms. Usually at 6 or 7 months, female pigs begin experiencing full, real heat cycles and can become pregnant.

Usually heat related swelling goes down quickly when the heat is over. Because hers isn't going away it could be one of two other things. It could simply be her body chanigng to it's mature shape as she is getting ready to start her heats. Or it could indicate a urinary or uterine infection.

Pigs in heat often forget potty training and have lots of accidents. But if she constantly has accidents, or there is a lot of other discharge, or she acts like she is having trouble going potty, then she may have an infection and will need to see a veterinarian.

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QUESTION: Ok thank you for your answer. About the infection I really don't think she does. she has not had an accident in about 2 months and she doesn't have any discharge or seem to have any trouble going potty. She did get a pretty bad ear infection july 7th but she was treated and after a week or so went back to normal except her heading tilting but shes slowly tilting her head back. i dont know if that could have anything to do with it or not?

I am not a veterinarian. But, yes, they could be connected. Deep seated infections can spread from the spot where they started to other places in the body. If the infection is not completely cleared up, it can reappear in other parts of the body. However, this is something your vet will have to determine.

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