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hello, I just moved my pbp to my new place last week, and since the move he has not pooped. As of tomorrow it will have been a week. I have tried canned pumpkin and water or several meals. He has not lost his appetite, a temperature of about 99.5, and he is not acting unusual. I am unsure what else to do, what do you suggest?
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This could be from his transition to a new place, or it could be due to a physical internal blockage.

If he doesn't poop within the next few days, he will need to see a vet. There's a couple more things you could try at home.

First, get his feet wet. Try both warm and cold water. Pigs in the wild often potty in water so predators cannot track them by their potties. So getting his feet wet could trigger a bowel movement.

If you can, get him in the car for a short ride. The vibrations of a moving vehicle cause pigs to potty, until they are used to it. Many a constipated pig has pooped on the way to see the vet. I don't know how you moved your pig, but it is possible piggy just pooped himself empty on the ride to his new home, and it is just taking awhile for things to get all the way through his system.

Canned pumpkin often makes pigs poop but the key is to get plain canned pumpkin, not canned pie mix. A lot of watermelon and plain canned, low-salt corn can help move things through, too.

Finally, make sure he is drinking enough water. Add just a touch of fruit juice to his water. Just enough for the smell.

For maximum effect, I'd try all all once. I'd feed piggy a breakfast and dinner of canned pumpkin, watermelon, and low-salt corn. Then get his feet wet ( or bathe him completely) with cold water, then very warm. Then into the car for about a 20 minute ride.

If that approach doesn't work, piggy might have a physical, internal blockage and that requires veterinary care.  

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