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Pot Bellied Pigs/My 12 week old pot belly pig


I live in Pahrump Nevada I just got my first pot belly pig love her to death her name is barbecue I noticed some little bites underneath her belly are seems to be bites like welts and on her side and I freaked out the thing that we live in a rule town you think we have a rule that but there's nothing that treats potbelly pigs out here so I called the feed store and she googled about it and said to put some petroleum jelly are aquifersbeing as I have macaws into African gray parrot that sometimes get allergies my bird that said I could give them children's Benadryl diluted with that hurt my pig and any suggestions please help I don't want my pig just suffer as I know she can it's Oren factions just start thank you so much hope to hear from you soon

You can use any product made for people skin on your pig. That includes soothing lotions, antibiotic ointments, and bug repellents.

Yes, pigs can get allergies. But, they usually do just fine without medication.

Danger signs are lethargy, lack of appetite, and fever. If your pig does not have any of these signs, chances are piggy will be just fine.

Use whatever soothing products you happen to have in your cupboard. Use any bug repellent made for people on your piggy to keep the bugs away. Also, you might want to check his outside area for obnoxious bugs like mud wasps or fire ants  

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