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Hi there! I have a micro-pig. She is 20 months old. And she has had diarrhea for 10 days. She is fine otherwise, still eating and drinking normally. But she keeps having accidents, because she can't make it outside. She is an indoor pig, but goes to the bathroom outside. Her poop is very liquid-y. Any advice? We did take her to the vet, but i'm not sure he has a lot of experience with pigs. He said she probably got into something she shouldn't have. But she didn't and its been almost two weeks. Hoping i could get some advice on treatment or what might be wrong with her to tell the vet.

Thanks so much!

Piggy should be getting pellets with veggies. If piggy is only getting veggies or is getting a lot of dairy, that could be the problem.

She may have an infection like e coli and need antibiotics.

Chronic diarrhea can also be a sign of a blockage, because only the liquid stuff makes it passed the block.

Those are two suggestions for your vet to consider. Dr Wilbers at the Quakertown PA vet clinic will consult with other veterinarians over the phone, if your vet is willing to do that.  

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