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Hi, we have had a pot-bellied pig for a year now, she is about 18 months old. She was very easy to train, only having one accident indoors since we got her. She has always gone outside, on a leash, to go to the bathroom. Last week we moved her out to an acreage with my daughter and the Rottweiler as their house was done being built. She is my daughter's pig and has been with her and the dog since she came to live with us. We thought she would love it in her new home and seemed to be fine for the first few days. Since then she has been having 'accidents' indoors and seems to be feeling unwell. Her nose is warm and fairly dry, she refused to eat a meal (which she has never done), when she did eat she vomited and didn't try to clean it up (which she has done in the past if she ate too quickly) and she doesn't seem to want any attention from people. We can't tell if she is really sick or upset. The space she is in is much larger than the area she roamed in our home so I think that may be why she is peeing indoors but how do I tell if she has a UTI or some other illness?

Pigs don't like change, but they usually do not get physically sick from change Any time a pig does not eat the problem could be serious.

The changes in her surroundings could be triggering the peeing. She may be trying to be territorial.

Is she fixed? If not, this could be a sign of going into heat.

Neither of these issues would explain why piggy is vomiting.

Something in her new environment could be bothering her, like different drinking water, or new drinking water bowls. A big change in temperature can give piggies a cold.

Every pig is different. When a pig has a history of UTI, it's possible to catch a UTI early on because you'll know what particular symptoms that pig will display. If a pig has never been known to have a UTI, it's hard to know if that is the problem.

If she doesn't start eating, she'll need to see a vet.

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