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approximately 2yrs old female. she has gooy comming out and leaks it now when she walks.
has gret appetite. not aggressive but wants continuas attention, a litle aggresive if i do not pet and rub her back.tries to nibble feet bit  me just a pinch. i have had her since mon. it is now thursday. i thought she was in
heat now i am not so sure. she ran and played with us today. now sh is moving slow and leaking.
what is this sign heat or prgnant i do not know. teets are not big but you can feel them if she lets you.
now she does not want me to touch her sides.

I am not a veterinarian and can not make a medical diagnosis over the internet.

The behavior you described sounds like heat. But the leaking is not normal. The danger signs are not eating, not drinking, not peeing and not pooping.

The tiredness may be due to all the stress and changes she's been through. It can take as long as a month for a pig her age to fully adjust to a new home. Heat behavior can last for as long as 10 days, so that could affect her for awhile, too.

The leaking is not normal. She should see a vet, she may have an infection and need antibiotics.  

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