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Hello! My potbelly is two years old, big boy, about three hundred pounds, indoor only, and a happy guy! He recently started throwing a fit when I touched his right ear. He doesn't have a head tilt, and doesn't seem bothered unless I touch it or get near it! I can't have a vet look at it for another whole month, and wondered if you had suggestions for safe over the counter antibiotics! He gets no water or dirt in his ears, nothing goes in there! He's very large and doesn't lay down or anything outside, only on his clean blankeys inside! Any idea or suggestions are very appreciated ☺ thank you in advance! Chevy and Kate

This is a challenging question because you can't get a good look at what's going on.

One possibility is that he sleeps on his right side, and the weight of his head causes his ear to "fall asleep", so when he gets up and moves around the ear is tingly and touchy for quite a while.

Bugs can get into any house, no matter how clean. So it's possible, but very unlikely, that something crawled inside his ear and got stuck.

If there's a problem in the outer ear, you should be able to see something. Try getting a close look while he's distracted by eating. Or, get him down for a belly rub, on his left side. When he's sleeping or at least really relaxed, try to look inside the ear with a flashlight. Don't try to touch it, just look for anything that might be wrong like swelling, redness, oozing goop, etc.

Real antibiotics are prescription only, but many OTC products kill bacteria and germs, including ordinary soap and water. Baby aspirin won't clear up an infection, but might help with inflammation or pain and is usually given 325 mg per 75 lb of pig and always with food to prevent tummy aches.  

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