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Pot Bellied Pigs/PBP bred by farm pig boar.


  Our PBP gilts started coming in heat at about 3 months.  They are escape artists and one of them crawled in with a Duroc/York/Hamp boar were are raising for our farm herd.  I saw him straddle her but got her out before he could breed her.  Apparently this wasn't her only trip to see him though because she has not come in heat since but her sisters do regularly.  She was probably about 4 months old when she got bred.  Will she be able to have these piglets and if not what are our options? I didn't keep track of the date because I didn't think she got bred but I am guessing she is about a month and a half into pregnancy now.
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I am not a veterinarian and can not give medical advice or prescribe medication over the internet.

Mini pig gestation is three months, three weeks and three days. Three months is a little young for a first heat, and it is possible for a piglet under 6 months to get pregnant.

Mini pig/farm hog crosses are also not that unusual. When mini pigs were first imported into the US they cost thousands each. Some unscrupulous breeders bought females, but let them breed with inexpensive farm hogs. So the problem isn't so much that your pig is bred to a farm hog, but her age.

Complications could arise from her young age and the fact that this is her first pregnancy. Those are two bigger danger factors than the father's breed

A veterinarian can give her Lutalyse to terminate the pregnancy, but that in itself carries a whole set of risks due to her young age.  

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