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Pot Bellied Pigs/eating pine shavings


My pig likes to eat his pine shaving from his liter box... he's recently been making weird breathing/squeaking noises when he runs, should i be worried? i'm not sure whats going on...? please help.

Pigs explore the world with their mouths. But, actually eating a non food item isn't good. Sometimes they do this because there is a digestive or nutrition problem, or because it just tastes really really good to them. Many pigs will gobble styrofoam peanuts, but not pine shavings.

The breathing and pine shavings may or may not be connected. Your piggy needs a vet to determine what the breathing problem is.

In the meantime, make sure piggy is getting enough nutritious food, and choose a different litter like shredded newspaper, pellets, old towels, or even no litter at all with a non-slip mat on the bottom of the box

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