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About three weeks ago my mini pot belly whose 6months did this thing where she went to the bathroom in the house and she started to shake and wouldn't look at me. But she had gotten a hold of VERY VERY deluted grease water. So I thought maybe that was the cause but then a day after that she was in heat.
Here we are three weeks later, I've noticed she had a watery eye and slanted her ear (she's had a ear infection before) I figured it's because of allergies since we've had tons of rain, well this morning she got up every thing was normal, she ate, drank, but she went to the bathroom poop and pee in the bedroom (both normal) and stood there shaking, I got her to lay down I petted her for a little bit and then started to clean up her mess. Shortly after she got up and threw up what looks like sticky stuff. I tried to get her to get water she didn't want it and just laid down. She'll be normal and then have a thing or two of this when she starts her heat.  I've made a appointment for her spay. Should I do anything or anything to help.?

Many pigs forget potty training when they are in heat. They will also stand right next to a pet or person and be perfectly still. But the shaking and vomiting is very unusual. They may or may not be connected to her heat. It's probably too late now to photograph the puke, but if she vomits again before her surgery, do take a photo and maybe a sample for the vet. If they are not connected, she may be getting ahold of and eating something she shouldn't.

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