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I have 3 potbelly pigs 2 female and one male there 2 years old, they do everything together since they were 12months. Once in a while one girl piggy has always bullied my boy pig it only last a few days and I always let them go at it until there done but there's no damage done. A couple of days ago the other girl piggy attacked my male pig and hurt is body and ears really bad. I've kept them separate but my home is built for them to be together, every time they see each other they fight the girls just attack him. I don't know what to do nothing has changed all I know if I let them go at it the girls will hurt him worst.

Pigs see the world as a ladder, with each person, pet or pig having his or her own rung. Little piglets are content to be on the lower rungs. But when they start to reach adulthood at age 2 or so, they want to move up the social ladder.

So it isn't uncommon for pigs to fight as they try to move up the ladder. Usually the herd leader is a female pig, but it can be a male.

One possibility is that your male was the dominant pig. Now that the females are reaching adulthood, they want to be herd leader. The boy didn't want to give up his spot, but the girls forced him out and one of them is now leader.

Another possibility is that something happened to the boy, and it's upsetting the girls. For example if his smell changed (like a bath or squirt of perfume or visit to the vet), the odor could trigger the girls aggression. If the boy wasn't feeling well, he may not have been able to defend himself.

Let them spend a couple of days apart. Keep and eye on the boy. Watch his wounds for infection, and watch him for any signs of illness. If he seems Ok, then coat his ears and tail with Vaseline, and put him back with them at dinner time. The Vaseline will make it hard for the others to bite down on his ears and tail.

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