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Pot Bellied Pigs/Can I use this lotion?


I recently bought a new pot belly pig. He's 5 weeks old and has very dry skin. I read something saying that lotions are okay to use, but my mom said she didn't think so because pigs DO NOT sweat.. my question is, is UTTER LOTION okay to use on him?

You can safely use any skin product made for people on your pig.

Pig skin and human skin is very much alike. So much alike that pig skin is often used to treat humans with extensive skin damage such as from burns.

Pigs do not lick themselves the way cats and dogs do. A big danger when applying skin products to cats or dogs is that they will lick the lotion off themselves and swallow it.

The scents and odors used in some health and beauty products, mostly aerosols, can have a startling effect on some pigs. It doesn't happen to all pigs. The reaction resembles a seizure! The pig will drop to the ground, and roll or squirm, and sometimes make odd noises. After a moment, the pig will be up and fine. If this happens, don't panic, just choose an unscented product

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