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QUESTION: I have been working really hard at leash training my mini pig. My other mini pig went right along with it and gave me no hard time at all. But my current 2 month old, neutered male mini pig squeals and screams any time I try to put a harness on him. I use treats to distract him while I place him into it and clasp it and then screams when he feels and tension in the leash. I have eased very slowly into even picking up the leash. Sometimes he cooperates but other times he decides that he will do what he wants and he will pull the leash and screech and squeal until I drop the leash. Sometimes I can pick him up without problem and he is nice and quiet and let's me hold him, other times he will just squeal relentlessly until the neighbors have had enough. I read that not putting him down every time he screams is the right thing to do and hold him until he stops, but that has only worked a few times. Sometimes he will scream until he seems almost exhausted. And then I just have to put him down and calm him down. Then he's perfectly fine. I can tell that he's using his strong lungs and vocal chords to fight for dominance. But how do I stop him? It is critical that he can walk on a leash cooperatively.

ANSWER: Please send me a picture of his harness....we can go from there.

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QUESTION: This is the exact harness we have been using. And I make sure it is not too tight

Hi Jessica,
I think that a better choice for you would be the Infinity Plus Training Harness/Leash.
It is easy to put on and will fit your piglet perfectly.  It also comes with a link to an online video to show you exactly how to put it on and the total concept of how it works.  Go to royaldandie.com to order.
As far as not wanting to be picked up.......
this is very common with these little pigs.  I would say that 85 to 90 percent do not like to be picked up.  The reason is......while in the wild their predators would grab them by the back of the neck and try to run of with them.  The only means of defense they had was to scream as loud and long as they could so hopefully whatever had them would drop them so they could get away.  Very strong genetics have caused this instinct to remain with them.
I would be wiling to help you with this but it is too much to deal with here.
If you will write to my personal email....patty012001@yahoo.com I will send along my phone number or send me yours and we can talk.
Hope this helps,

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