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We have a mini pig named Hamlet. In September he will be 3 years old.
Now that the weather is nice we are taking advantage and going for walks. Usually we take Hamlet and our dog Izabelle for walks on trails but right now there is lots of bear and cougars out. To many sightings for me to feel comfortable to bring them on trails. So we have just been walking in town on concrete paths and sidewalks. Yesterday while on our walk we realized Hamlet started limping. At this point we were on our way home. His limping got so bad that I told my husband to wait where we were and I'll run home to get the car.
After we got home we checked Hamlets hooves and his 2 front ones were sore. The left one, the skin was peeling off and the right one, his hoove was wore down and bleeding on the bottom end of the toe and his skin part was bleeding to. Poor little guy. Is there anything we can do so this doesn't happen? Once walking on concrete more often, will his feet callus and get used to it? I'm afraid that if this keeps happening he's not gonna enjoy going for walks anymore.

Yes his feet will toughen up but they need to heal first.

Keep his feet as clean as possible. You can use any antibiotic ointment made for people on his feet if they show signs of infection. Wait until the limp is gone before taking him out on concrete again. In the meantime, you can take him for "walks" around the house or yard, just to keep him moving.

When you start walking again, if possible, take him someplace where he can do most of his walking in the grass next to you while you walk on the sidewalk. Gradually, a little at a time, get him on the concrete more and more.

You might want to teach him to ride in a little wagon. This way you can take the wagon with you on sidewalk walks, and let piggy ride back in the wagon if his feet get sore.

I've seen people create makeshift booties for pigs, but the pigs seem to object and they don't stay on well. It's probably better to just keep his feet clean and off rough surfaces for a few days.

Young piglets walk on their tippy toes. As they age, the pasterns start to break down and the pig walks more on the foot. Long hooves and excessive weight make the situation even worse. But it's also partially genetic, some pigs who were never overweight and never had long hooves will still have broken down feet.  

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