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I have a 6'month old pot bellied pig, she was about 2 months when I got her she trained very quick and easily. No accidents in he last 4 months I've had her. Recently she has been screaming in my ear when it's bed time and if I leave the room she scratches at then door and whines. This is all after she has had dinner. She plays outside from when I go to work till I come home. There is always someone home and is fed treats throughout the day. When I get home I greet her pet her and then get some chores done and she comes in at about 9pm. She knows that's dinner time and goes straight to my room eats then roots in my blankets and will go to sleep right next to me. She has slept in my bed since I've got her. The past few nights she's been screaming in my ear then, I will normally get her some water and she will drink it then get back in bed and lay for a few minutes. And all is good, then she will get up and pee in bed. I immediately said bad pig and put her outside for he rest of the night. She squealed for a couple minutes then she was quite. I fed her at the normal time just outside and she looked so happy to see me. I'm not sure what to do I love my pig but I don't want her going to the bathroom in my bed

Is she spayed? Unspayed females in heat have accidents everywhere, it's their natural way of saying Hey, I'm here and looking for a boar! Spaying is the only solution, because their behavior in heat gets worse as they get older.

Another possibility is a urinary infection. Peeing in bed is a very unusual behavior for a pig, even for a female in heat. But, the fact that she was crying before it happened could indicate pain or discomfort. She may need to see a vet for antibiotics

In the meantime, if she's waking you at night, try giving her a little bit more food at dinner, or a small serving of oatmeal just before bed so she can sleep comfortably. If she wakes you up for a drink of water, or any reason, make her go potty before letting her back into bed.  

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