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I have a 10 week old F pbp. She began exhibiting symptoms of Dippity exactly 4 days ago. There is only 1 veterinarian in my area who treats pbp, and they have been no help.
A little background... Lola came home with us when she was 8 weeks old. I was initially skeptical because she was only 8 weeks old, but my home is far better suited for her than where she was. She bonded with my 7 year old daughter, and began hunching her back legs under her and refusing to walk 2 days after my daughter left to go visit with family for the summer. Lola is having regular bowel movements, and urinates normally, although she has been having accidents and we have to physically place her in her litter pan, where she lies down to go poo or pee. She is eating pig chow, milk, water, and a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables everyday. She still roots in her blankets and will play with her toys as much as she can. I have also been giving her otc pain relief as I read to do every 8 hours.
We are totally in love with Lola and are very concerned for her. I have read that if "dippity" lasts longer than 4 days, it's not Dippity. I have limited resources, and am reaching out for suggestions on how to care for her while she is unwell. Is this Dippity? Or is it something else??? Please help!

I am not a veterinarian and can not give a medical diagnosis over the internet.

Yes, Dippity only lasts three days at the most. Also, you did not mention any open sores or welts, which are also part of Dippity.

Hunching often means pain. Could be in the hips or shoulders or spine. If she is lying to poo or pee, it's bad. She may have a fractured or dislocated hip.

Make sure she never has to step on any slippery surfaces (use inexpensive no-slip mats or carpet runners), does not have to walk up or down stairs (use a ramp instead), does not have to step up to get into a litter box (cut away one side) or jump up or down from furniture.

Does she lay on the same side when she poos and pees? If so, that might be the problem side. You can try cold packs, some pigs will accept that others not.

Also check all her feet and legs. But chances are she'd be limping if the problem was in her foot.  

The only way to be sure is with an x-ray, and you might need to travel a ways to find a vet who has a machine that can x-ray a pig.  

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