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My husband brought me home a 4 week old male mini pbp. We named him willie short for wilbert. My question is how do i get hime to stop squealing when we pick him up we try giving him fruits too stop but he eats and sqeals at the same time. I never had a pig but always wanted one. I have taken care of babie. We feed him pig food and a bag of powder lambs milk we have been mixing the too together with a little cherry cobbler and he eats it down. Can you please help. Thank you and god bless

In nature, Momma pigs never lift or carry their babies. So being lifted and held is a very unnatural, scary thing for a piglet.

Start by giving piggy a safe space, with a bed or crate, litter box, water dish and some toys. A laundry room, bathroom, closet or small bedroom is ideal.

Always tell piggy what you are going to do before you do it. For example, say touch piggy ear before touching piggy's ear

Sit quietly on the floor in piggys space. Speak softly and move slowly. Let piggy approach you at his own pace.

Do this again at mealtime, holding the food dish in your hand. Let piggy approach at his own pace and eat from the dish. Try talking softly and gently touching piggy while piggy eats.

Keep doing this at each mealtime and over and over during the day. When piggy is totally comfortable with you sitting in the space, hold the food dish closer to your body at each meal, until piggy is climbing into your lap to eat.

Now, when piggy is eating, say something like Give a Hug and slowly start snuggling piggy closer and closer to you.

When piggy is comfortable in your lap with your arms around him, do the feeding ritual while you're in a kneeling position, so piggy is still fairly close to the floor. When piggy is totally comfortable with this, you're ready to stand and hold him.

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