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if a am out with scarlet rose my 8 month mini pig I can put her down in mulch and she is good about going potty for me (front of lowes store etc.) my question is will she eat the mulch, if I put it in her fenced in yard that I use for pottying her at home I have stone in there but she seems to go quicker in the mulch elsewhere? can"t put her in the grass to go because all she wants to do is eat!I try to keep her on a diet of grain am and pm veggies lunch and grass 1/2 hour a day in the fenced area for that which is separate from the potty area.i would like to change ou the stone for the mulch it is not cedar .

Usually when animals eat non-food items it indicates a nutritional deficiency or that the animal is in discomfort or stress. But some animals, like pigs and goats, will eat non-food items just because they like to. Most pigs will eat cigarette butts and styrofoam packing peanuts. Many will eat kitty litter. I haven't heard of any pig that eats mulch,

Make sure she's getting enough to eat, including a very wide variety of veggies and fruits. Put her in a mulched area and watch her for awhile. If she's going to eat the mulch, chances are she'll start noshing within a few minutes. If, after spending a half an hour or so in the mulched area, she has not tried to eat it, then chances are she won't try (unless she is really really hungry).  

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