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My pot belly pig was struck by lightening a little over 1 year ago right at her 1st birthday. She drags her hind limbs and gets around almost as good as her brother. After accident and almost a month at uga animal hospital she came home and it was impossible to clean after her with constant pee coming out. She is very incognito so I had to put her in back yard. I spent tons of money making it nice. She has huge 2 fences to keep out predators and a pig house which is insulated with doggie door, heater, and fan. We change out hay every 2 to 3 weeks. She has puss like bumps on lower belly and inside of legs. On her back side at butt area she has knots.  I am trying to rule out options. There are a lot of ants in back yard which are typical GA regular ants.  I'm working on getting rid of them in non toxic ways. Also hay has been there a while so I'm wondering if allergies could be doing this. Maybe there could be mold or something in hay. I've thought about urine scaled, parasites in her mud hole which is used to keep her cool since she won't go in pool out of fear. I've thought of heat rash even though pigs don't really sweat. I've thought of wasp and chigger. The only thing that makes since other than ants and allergic reaction which I researched on Google is mange. Her brother has no signs. She has been nowhere since her injury a year ago. Only 2 dogs and humans have been near her (no pigs except brother). There are no pigs in probably 10 mile radius or more. Hay was not brought recently so I don't think mange was in there. Logic tells me no way but maybe mange can travel. My dad even mentioned burns which it does not look like. But it is very hot outside and has been for a month upper 90s. I go out 4 times a day to spray them with hose. I try not to wet her belly. I've been putting wound Kote purple spray and vasoline on her. They come off fast with her dragging herself.  This was noticed 2 weeks ago but probably started before.  I had her almost healed about 6 days ago and then 5 days ago it started getting worse again and got worse up until today where it has stabbed over again. So bumps are dried out and stabbed most likely from vasoline. Benadryl might or might not have helped. I don't know what else to try and which steps to try first for process of ellimination. Maybe you can rule out some ideas and add others. No one knows what to do with a paralyzed pig that will not go in wheel chair. She has broken 2 of them out of trauma. She will never trust me again after what,I had to put her thru so I can only medicate her while she is eating. Please help and thanks!

I am not a veterinarian and can not make a medical diagnosis or prescribe treatment over the internet.

Pigs have thick skin and are usually not bothered by insects, but the soft skin on their bellies and inside of their legs and behind the ears can be bitten. Most bites look like bites and heal fairly quickly without a fuss. Ticks and biting flies are usually the bites that get infected and pus filled.

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by knots. You mention they come of as she drags herself, perhaps they are small injuries that are getting infected from dragging?

You can use any skin product made for people on your pig. Because she drags herself I'd look for spray on products that dry quickly or lotions that can rub into the skin. Ointments that remain soft and don't dry out will collect dirt and other junk and turn into a sticky mess.

Warm the product in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes before applying it, because pigs hate to be squirted with cold stuff. I'd start with a spray on antibiotic like Bactine or something similar on the pus filled bites and the knots. Once that's dried I'd apply an spray insect repellent on the belly and inside of the legs.

Work with her at every meal and chances are she will warm up to you again, although it may take a very long while.  

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