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I just recently got my pig spayed on the 25. She was sick the first day, and she was sick the next night. I was told this was normal as the anesthesia was wearing off and making her sick. She also ate a lot yesterday. Today she got up and walked around a lot, but tonight she is just laying around and she vomited all of her food. She is not pooping. I don't know what to do. The vet isn't open right now. Is it normal for her to still be sick from the surgery?

She weighs 23lbs
and she is 2 1/2 years old if that helps.

Anesthetic can be very hard on them.  As it slows down their digestive system they should only eat very small amounts of their feed the day after surgery with lots of water.
I will often put vegetable oil over their feed for a few days after surgery just to help move the food along.
In the future......these little pigs should be neutered and spayed much younger.  I neuter males at about 6 to 8 weeks and females get spayed at 12 weeks.  It is much easier on them at a younger age.
She could have a blockage due to the amount she ate yesterday.
I would recommend that she sees a vet as soon as possible if she doesn't have a BM soon.
It is good that she threw up...that will help her get rid of what she ate.
You can try some vegetable oil...put some in a baster and squirt it in the back of her mouth.  That may help her pass the blockage.
Hope this helps...

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