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Hi, it's Cathy again. I am a first time mini pig owner so you will be hearing from me a lot. My 10 week old Monroe has developed sores on his testicles. At first it was just redness. But yesterday I put some antibiotic cream on him and it looked like scabs were falling off. He has had skin scrapings done and has been treated with ivermectin. He kicks his legs and shakes them once in awhile but I don't know if it is from the sores. Any ideas? Thanks so much for any input.

Hi Cathy,
As the scabs form they will probably itch and that's is why he is kicking at them.
keep lots of moisturizer on him....something natural like Emu oil.  I would also follow up with a second dose of Ivomec in 12 to 14 days just insure that he has no parasites.
Be sure to keep his hoofs trimmed also.
Hope this helps,

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