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Hi, my name is Cathy,
How much wheat germ oil would you give a 12 pound mini pig.
Thanks for your time

I would not give any wheat germ oil, unless a veterinarian suggests it as a remedy for a health issue.

Mini pig food is designed to contain all the nutrition a pig needs. But, it lacks fiber, and pellets only can cause constipation, especially when the pellets are fed dry.

Adding fresh veggies, fruits and grazing time provides the fiber piggies need for digestion. Low calorie, high fiber or high water content veggies and fruits are the best choice. Things like zucchini, watermelon, or leafy greens (lettuce, spinach, kale, chard etc) are good choices. Untreated grass (no pesticides or herbicides) can give piggy gas and a fat "grass belly"; but the grass belly will disappear overnight as piggy digests.

Soaking pellets in warm water until they are the consistency of cream-of-wheat cereal is the best way to feed pellets. The slightly dissolved pellets are less likely to cause constipation. The extra water piggy gets will help with digestion and can improve dry skin by preventing dehydration.

When piggys get a little bit constipated, some plain, canned pumpkin is a good remedy. Also, getting piggys feet wet will often make a piggy go potty. In the wild, pigs often potty in water to hide their scent from predators.

Pigs tend to have dry skin even with a good diet. Lotions can help. You can use any skin product made for people on your pig. Some people use lotions with added sunscreen. Many people believe Avon Skin so Soft has insect repellent properties. Corn Huskers lotion is an inexpensive, non-greasy lotion that soaks right into piggy skin and makes black pigs really shiny. The only thing to watch out for is heavily scented skin products, the strong scent can sometimes bother sensitive pig noses.  

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