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Pot Bellied Pigs/Royal dandie mini piggy :)


PAp wrote at 2007-08-11 18:16:19
Why did you say over 100 lbs? Royal Dandies are said to NOT EXCEED 60 lbs.

Sad Pig Mom wrote at 2008-03-03 06:15:21

I adopted pigs from Patty at Royal Dandie and they both died. We had a necropsy (autopsy) performed on both and the results were inconclusive. We are heartbroken and she plays dumb and says none of her pigs have ever died except for old age. They were wonderful pets but only lived 6 months and 1 year.We chose her because we lived near her. She charges 3 to 4 times what other breeders charge.  Do your research and good luck.

Danikashai wrote at 2008-12-23 08:01:42
Royal Dandies ONLY get to be 29 to 39 pounds period! I do have this breed. 100 pounds is unheard of! pot bellied pigs get to be about 150 pounds, maybe! But, Dandie Extreme pigs only get from 20 to 29 pounds. They are very quiet, and do not need as much care as some other people have been telling you, they do need more care than a dog or cat, but they are fince by themselves for a few hours, exeption for younger piglets. I have never had a problem with them. They are very good around my, rabbits, dogs, cats, sheep, horses, and even my ferrits. They are the friendliest animals i have ever owned. You do not need to stay home all day with them, i manage to care for mine, and go to school. They stop growing by the time they are 2, growing after that is rare and unheard of. I have never had an aggressiva or destructive pig. I have owned at least 20 pigs, and at least 5 different breeds. They are more like a 7 or 8 year old child, not 2 or 3 year infant. They are very smart, and clever. They are bery easy to train, and very entertaining. I have never "pig proofed" my house, there is no need to. They only see the vet as much as a cat does. I hope this was helpfull.

jacob wrote at 2009-06-10 18:17:08
if you even want a smaller pig the royal dandy extreme they are very quiet and weigh at the most 30 pounds they go in litter boxes and you can walk them on a leash

Sad Royal Dandie Pig Owner wrote at 2009-10-26 17:24:30
I also purchased a  ROYAL DANDIE pig from Patty and it died at 4 months old. Just fell over and died. We had an autopsy and it also came up inconclusive. Patty also acted like she has never had a young piglet die. PLEASE BEWARE OF PATTY AND ROYAL DANDIE Piglets!

Warning on Royal Dandies wrote at 2009-10-26 17:28:35
Also the person who responds to all of the negative comments about Royal Dandies on the blogs name is Lisa. She acts like she is a proud pig owner who loves her Royal Dandie however, she is actually the breeder Patty's daughter.

Beware of Royal Dandies- Paris Hilton wrote at 2009-10-29 13:06:38
Beware of  I bought a Royal Dandie from Patty and it was covered in mange and infested with worms. I called her about this and she acted like she has never had a piglet with that problem. Patty is full of it! She lies to sell her piglets for a very expensive price. I just wish I would have known this when I purchased from her!

Patty wrote at 2009-12-02 06:59:58
About the above negative comments about Paris Hilton's piglet and other comments from Patty at Royal Dandie Piglets.

Check out the date folks...We didn't deliver Paris's piglet until 11-5- 09.  Check the date on the negative article.

PETA is at it again

Please don't believe everything you read!  You can go to Paris's twitter page and she that she is very happy with her piglet.

Patty Morrisroe

Very Happy Pig owner... wrote at 2009-12-23 00:19:39
We are very happy with our piglet from Patty. She delivered him to us and has answered all of our questions. The supplies we have purchased have been top quality. Our piglet is in perfect health and a joy to have in our family. Remember anyone can put information on the web under false identification. Check your resources for yourselves like we did and you too can have a wonderful mini-potbelly pig from Patty as a pet!

Hiedi wrote at 2012-08-22 03:44:50
Well Patty is a great breeder and sells her pigs nice and healthy.

They are very cute and nice.

yes they cost a lot!

Al Broda wrote at 2012-10-03 12:08:37
Please do an active search on Royal Dandies before purchasing. My Male Dandy Extreme is 98lbs with tusks at  3yrs old. Paris Hilton has a Female Dandy Extreme which is 150lbs at 3yrs. These are not exceptions, there are dozens of examples and pictures on the web. Sellers claim owners have overfed, but all vets insist the pigs are fit. The low nutrition diet required to keep the pigs at 15-25lbs works via starvation/malnutrition and will severely effect your pets health and lifespan. The sellers will argue this, so please be informed by actively searching the facts and insisting on seeing full grown adults of 4yrs or more. Note: Pigs can breed when they are babies at less then one year old. Don't let the parent weight be the decider. A reputable seller will show you all the facts and not try to hide their information or pens. These pigs do make fantastic pets, they are intelligent and playful, but if size may be an issue please do your homework before purchasing.

Milaminut wrote at 2013-02-17 21:35:24
Blah, Blah, Blah ...

Don't trust random comments on the Internet ~ Consult a qualified Veterinarian who treats mini pigs and ask their opinion ...

Unfortunately, I did so too late ... My 18 month old ADORABLE Royal Dandie Extreme already weighs 45 lbs ~ With at least 2 more years of growing, my Veterinarian predicts that I will soon be the proud owner of an 90+lb Bouncing Baby Girl !!

I must admit that Patty does give you a lot of pig for the $ !!!!

Canchaser wrote at 2013-03-27 20:42:54
My Royal Dandie Extreme got to a whopping 140lbs.  Patty claimed the grass in the backyard was the blaming factor.  The vet said she was not overweight.  Patty sent a small refund but considering what we had paid I was not thrilled.  These are some very over priced regular pot bellied pigs.

Lauren wrote at 2013-06-25 00:19:19
I also got a piglet from Patty about 8 years ago. I love him to death but he is not the mini little pig I was expecting. He is about 175lbs now but vet says he is healthy and he is an amazing pet. Wouldn't trade him for the world. I may have done some more research and found a different breeder had I known better beforehand.  

My 150lb dandie extreme wrote at 2014-05-01 03:00:47
I also purchased two royal dandies from Patty. The first one dropped over dead in three months. The vet said it was a genetic heart problem. Of course Patty claimed she had never heard this before. I was dumb enough to believe her and purchased a second pig from her to replace my daughters pet! We'll

8 years later we still have our 150 lb dandie extreme (suppose to be15-25lbs)! Please do your research!!! You will never find a full grown healthy pig that size!!! I would never ever recommended this breeder (Patty) to anyone!!!!! Please be aware of the dishonest people that will scam you in the world!!!

PattyisaShattyFatty wrote at 2014-11-24 13:18:17
Patty doesn't care about her pigs, only profit. She gave one to Paris Hilton for free to promote her pigs. Paris Hilton is notorious for killing her animals. PS - her pigs turn out huge!

And before Patty denies it - it's one of her pigs,,20493232,00.html

I hope Patty gets reincarnated as a pig and is forced to push out dozens of piglets in a small cage to know how it feels.

MarkPrivate1944 wrote at 2015-07-03 08:44:42
The fact is that there are far more verifiable complaints about Patricia's Royal Dandie pigs then there are satisfied customers. Paris Hilton loves her pig, she does not wish to be part of the controversy, but anyone can see her pig is NOT as tiny as the claims and there is NOT ONE full grown adult pig to come off Patricia's farm that is the tiny size she claims because the first time someone takes their piglet to the vet the vet tells them to STOP following Patricia's feeding recommendation, which is, "13lbs approx 2 month supply" for a full grown adult pig, that is 0.2 pounds of food for any entire day. Naturally you have to supplement their diet with her own daily vitamin and mineral supplement and still your piglet may drop dead without warning because this diet is meant to stunt their growth through starvation and it simply is not enough to keep your piglet healthy and alive. Her absurd claim that any pig that grows more then the 29 pound maximum she claims has been "overfed". ANY overfed human or animal is not going to grow HUGE, they are going to grow FAT! I am surprised every day when I find more and more people who fell for Patricia's lies and either starved their pig to death or it grew bigger then she said it would. I would love to find just ONE picture of one of Patricia's full grown pigs that is the actual size she claimed they would be. I am not talking about her fake picture of the runt piglet sleeping next to its two litter mates that are twice its size that she allowed people to claim was the piglet sleeping next to it's tiny mom and dad. FIRST, pigs do not joint parent, never, ever. Second, the features of a piglet are much different then the features of a full grown adult pig. The red flags EVERYONE should be aware of with Patricia's farm include the pictures of tiny, young piglets next to teacups & pepsi cans and the piglets she tries to pass off as adults but the biggest red flag for me is the fact that she will not allow anyone on her farm to see the actual breeding parents. Patricia does NOT have two separate breeds Dandie and Dandie Extreme, she has plain old full sized potbellied pigs (because she was unable to breed the stunted, malnourished pigs) and she simply takes the smallest piglets and sells them as Extremes and the larger of the two as regular dandies. IT IS A SCAM PEOPLE, Wake Up!!!

Savethepigs2016 wrote at 2016-05-20 21:55:15
First of all I wanted to say thank you, your posts saved me from buying a Dandie! A lot of you seem to have had some problems with the same individual. Has anyone taken the time to get organized around the situation. Sounds like she needs to be stopped for a number of reasons. I have a background in business, law, care about the welfare of innocent animals and want to insure the right thing is done here for the past and potential future victims. I would love to hear your story and help get a course of action organized. I have reached out to some of you directly but if you haven't already heard from me please shoot me an email. Let's put an end to the abuse and bad business practices!

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