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bunny wrote at 2007-09-08 12:36:26
I have never seen a pig bite a child , however I have a pot belly pig who will bite a chunk out of any man that comes within 5 feet of me... and he is neutered.

bears mom wrote at 2008-02-29 01:10:44
My 2 year old was bitten by a pig at a petting zoo.  We were feeding the animals (pigs, sheep, goats) when my son started screaming hysterically.  When I looked down the pig had my son's fingers in its mouth.  Not only did it bite, it would not let go and was backing up and pulling back on my son's fingers in what looked like an attempt to break them off.  It had his fingers in its mouth for a good 8 seconds.  It only let go because I started screaming at it.   The skin on my son's middle finger had a long fairly thin scratch from knuckle to nail and was bleeding mildly.  On the other side of the finger were 3 little puncture wound teeth marks.  I immediately took him to the doctor because of the wound and his finger was becoming extremely swollen.  The finger was not broken but looks more like it was crushed.  It has been 2 days now and his finger looks horrible.  It is black and blue and still very swollen.   We are keeping an eye on it and watching for infection.

Estee wrote at 2008-04-20 16:36:31
what!  i can not believe this answer, i have 4 pot belly pigs and the damage they can cause by a bite can be so strong as to slice to the bone or remove a finger. The tusks are like steak knives. WHat are you talking about? There is nothing in a pigs mouth to slice the skin you say?  COME ON OVER and hold on to a peanut while one of my babies takes it from you fingers.  If you can take that bite without dancing around, holding your hand and probably sceaming out, I will give you 100 bucks.  If your not bleeding, I will give you another 100 bucks.

Now, pigs to not intend to bite, they do it by accident when they over bite a treat being give or think that the food smell on hands is a snack. HOWEVER, i have a huge scar on the back of my leg from a male adult pot just 'pushing' past me firmly to move.  As we speak, my husbands arm is gashed from a pig bite while introducing a new piglet to the herd. This answer is 100 times incorrect that you gave this woman.

Me wrote at 2009-04-09 10:57:29
Well then here is your first....my female pot-belly pig bit my finger yesterday and DID brake the skin, actually she pulled some of the meat in my finger out with that bite. Today finger is numb and very swollen even after i treated with a antibacterial cream and good scrub.....OUCH....

cjw wrote at 2010-08-30 18:34:26
WRONG....my neighbors pet pig bit her father on Monday 8/23/10 hard enought to have 14 stitches put in his leg!!!!  Why would you think they don't bit or cannot become agressive animals!! This was a pot-bellied pig.

Mo's Ark wrote at 2011-09-08 18:22:18
I raise pigs and I just got bit by my male pot belly pig yesterday. So yes, the can bite. But usually only bite when frightened and feel cornered. They are a prey animal, not a predator. My male pig was fighting my horse when I intervened, so he mistook me for the horse and jumped up and bit me twice, which mainly left bruising, however his tusk cut into my thigh and I had to go to the Urgeant care to get anti-biotics as a pre-cautionary. But to answer your question, a bite from a domestic pig, is rarely dangerous, but if bleeding, anti-biotics should be taken.

Lola wrote at 2012-07-10 15:29:09
I have scars from a Pig that has bit me several times.  I saw the statement " Pig jaws do not open wide (like dogs, cats, or other predators), are not very strong (like dogs, cats, etc. which must hold squirming prey), and the teeth are not really sharp (predators need sharp teeth to tear flesh, pig teeth are for grinding grasses, roots, etc)."  You can not be more WRONG !  The pig I have been around has bit me 2 times and the second time drew lits of blood. A friend was bit on his finger and it ripped a chunk of skin off his finger, same pig.  No one can get around this pig without being bitten exept his owner.

Kas101 wrote at 2013-02-13 18:37:07
I have a pot bellied pig  that I adopted on line from a family on craigslist. I was told that he was very small and was a Micro Pig and would not get any bigger and that he was litter trained and would never bite.  I have had him now for 3 months. I love him dearly HOWEVER he was NOT litter trained and it took us a LOT of work to get him trained to go outside and he still has 4-8 pee accidents in the house daily and that is with going outside every 2 hours from 8am-9pm AND after both meals.  He is harness trained and he is not allowed to just run around the house yet so he is on a lead connected to a place in our family room.. he has plenty of room to reach most of the room but due to his recent biting we have had to keep him in an even smaller area.  Anytime another pet, kid, visitor walks by him he tries to nip them and usually just gets their pants, but a few weeks ago he got nervous when the dog walked by and went to bite the dog and got me instead leaving a massive size bruise that is still there.  Then my daughter and I were saying how he NEVER nipped us and we always lay with him petting his belly and brushing him and he always comes in to kiss her and I..well last week first I was laying with him and doing nothing out of  the usual and he lunged at me and bit my face and nose leaving teeth marks,cuts and blood and then two days later when we thought he was ready we laid with him a gain and this time he bit my daughter on the finger and the face leaving teeth marks.  I was told by the lady who runs the local farm to say NO sternly, tap him on his snout or push him with my knee.. I have tried all of this and it is not working.. He is progressively getting worse with the biting.. and I am getting a teacup (female) first week of March.. so any advice would help :) he is an inside pig only goes out to do his business and if we are in the yard with him we take him out to dig and play .. but other than that he is much like a family member.

simntue wrote at 2013-05-13 19:22:43
I love pot belly pigs but im pigsitting my sons pig and she is in heat and just bit me twice and broke my skin and bled; one of the bites was even through my shirt! Shes been a good pig but my short time pig sitting her shes in heat--humping my leg then as I scooted down to pet her and give her attention wham she took 2 quick bites!

wanda wrote at 2015-12-18 17:12:25
livestock like any other animal or pet is going to bite. Period. I have a pet pig who i have had for two years. He is very gentle, cuddly and normally good natured. He has only biten a couple of times. HOWEVER, they have VERY sharp tusks that can get you. It feels like a razor blade cut.

Storm wrote at 2016-04-05 03:15:32
I have an almost 2 year old female pot belly pig. Her name is Thalia  She is like my child I have raised her. She slept in my bed with me at first but about a year ago she moved outside with my two female goat . Thalia runs that pen. She has always been very gentle with m . Gives me kisses and cuddles. But she can be very aggressive and protective of me. She has accidently bit me a few times trying to get her food and immediately let g . Other times she has given me warning snips that she is agitated or to not touch tha . But I recently got a new puppy and took her out there to meet thali . She sniffed her and seemed okay and then freaked out and bit my inner thigh and wouldn't let go. She didn't Peirce my skin because I would see the holes on my pant . But the pressure from her mouth bruised me immensely and made me bleed. My thigh is nothing but black and blue. I know she did it out of territory or jealousy but they can do a lot of damage thankful I had pants on.  

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