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Pottery/Changing A Glaze Maturing Temperature


QUESTION: Hello Ti, This is a repeat of a question that I sent to you last week. I received a request for clarification from you to which I responded immediately, but I never received a response from you. I don't know what went wrong, so I'm starting over.

I have a favorite cone 6 Val Cushing glaze found in his Handbook, Third Edition (1994) page 127, called V.C. Polished Matt. I need to modify it so that I can fire it at cone 06-04 for a very important special assignment. How can I do that?

Thanks very much. Priscilla

ANSWER: Dear Priscilla,

    Thank you for your message. I don't know what happened either as I responded to your reply and was never notified by AllExperts that it wasn't answered. So just as you, I will start over.

    After much calculation, I have found that there would be too much change in the glaze composition to try to bring the cone 6 glaze down to cone 06-04. In all glaze changes there will be some alteration of the characteristics to some degree when changed a few cones, but in this case, changing the maturing temperature this much will completely alter the glaze and I am afraid you would find it a very unpleasant final product.

    I understand that you have tried many matte/satin glazes and have yet to find one that satisfies your needs, but because cone 06-04 range is such an easy glaze to create and is often very stable, there should be a glaze out of the thousands that are out there that would satisfy your needs.

    I really would like to continue working on this for you. However, I don't believe I have seen this particular glaze in action. Therefore, if you have a photo of the glaze and could attach it to a reply, I would be happy to research my glaze depository and try to come up with one for a cone 06-04 maturing range.

    I look forward to your reply.

Ms. Ti Phillips
Earth Stoke 'N Fire Pottery Studio and Artist Retreat

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Singing My Song
Singing My Song  
QUESTION: Hello Ti, Thank you for your continued help! I'm enclosing an image which is 17"x10"x10", fired to cone 010, white slipped and fired to cone 04, then glazed with Polished Matt and a bronze luster for color. The Polished Matt is wonderful because it has no shine, feels great to touch, is much richer than a velvet underglaze, levels itself, works very well with other glazes. I hope that you can suggest a comparable substitute. Thanks very much, Priscilla

Dear Priscilla,

    Thank you for your response and photo. First, let me tell you that this piece is a wonderful form, very smooth flowing with a beautiful impression of the duck. Just from the photo, I get this wonderful feeling of coolness as though the piece yearns to have hands gently caressing its surface. I am really moved by this piece!

    Second, before we go further, I would appreciate your contacting me by e-mail to continue to discuss the glaze and the method in which you are reaching this wonderful color and smoothness. Unfortunately, AllExperts only allows two follow up questions and answers and I fear we will need a little more time than this to come up with a suitable glaze for you.

    Once we have completed our work, I can paste our research into AllExperts so the credit will go to this site and allow you to rate the work we do. If this is satisfactory, please e-mail me at

    I look forward to working with you.

Ms. Ti Phillips
Earth Stoke 'N Fire Pottery Studio and Artist Retreat


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