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Pottery/Skutt Kiln 3 Switch Firing 06


How do I fire my skutt 3 switch kiln schedule for 06 cone glaze fire

Dear Darcie,

    Thank you kindly for your question. I will give you instructions for firing the kiln for bisque ware and glaze ware to cone 06. As always, the first time you fire using the schedule, keep a log of the firing, watch the internal cones for maturity, and make any changes you need to make to the schedule once you have a good idea how your kiln fires.

  Remember that even if two kilns of the same model are being fired, each will have their own firing schedule. This is because each kiln will fire according to how well their elements work, how loaded the kiln is, and even how dry the pottery is and how thick the ware is. The schedules listed below should be used only as a guide. Your cones are the true test of what is going on in the kiln.

  Although the kiln has a cone sitter, please use stationary cones inside the kiln until you know that the sitter works appropriately if you choose to use it. Also, although you use the maturity cone as a stationary cone inside the kiln, use a cone 1 cone higher in the kiln sitter if used. This is because the rod that sits on top of the cone puts some pressure on the cone. When firing, the cone will begin to bend prematurely if the cone is the same as the stationary maturity cone, therefore, underfiring the kiln.

  Now that we have the essentials down, let's get to the firing schedules.

  For convenience, the knobs will be labeled as follows:

  B - Bottom
  M - Middle
  T   Top

  Bisque Fire Schedule Cone 06

  Insert a cone 05 into the kiln sitter if used.
  Place a cone 06 on the center shelf in the center, aligned with a peep hole for viewing.
  Leave all peep holes open and prop the lid with a fire brick or one of the cone plugs.
  Hour          Ramp Up or Down
  0          B1 - M1
  2          B2 - M2 - T1
  4          B5 - M5 - T2
  6          B7 - M7 - T5         Close lid - Plug Lower Peep Hole
  8 - Finish          B10 - B10 - T10      Plug Upper Peep Hole
  10 approximate          

    The stationary cone should be bent and the cone sitter should turn the kiln off. At hour 10, look at the cone inside the kiln and see if it is beginning to bend. If so check every 15 minutes until the cone bends to the correct maturity. If the kiln sitter does not shut off within 5 minutes of the stationary cone bending, manually turn off the kiln.

    I hope this assists you. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me again any time. Always at your service.

Ms. Ti Phillips
Earth Stoke 'N Fire Pottery Studio and Artist Retreat


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