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QUESTION: I'm currently holding my breath b/c I fired a kiln at 04 by accident & did not realize it until it was too late. The problem is that the majority of the glazes recommend to be fired in an 04 bisque (which it was) & glazed fire to be 05-06. These are pieces for clients & I'd like to know what could potentially happen to the colors as a result.

ANSWER: Dear Alach,

Thank you for your recent question. Since you only fired to cone 04, then re-fire the pieces to cone 05-06, the original maturing temperature. They will turn out fine.

I hope this answers your question. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me again any time. I am always at your service.

Ms. Ti Phillips
Earth Stoke 'N Fire Pottery Studio and Artist Retreat

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All pieces survived but the ones that were damaged were the warm or darker pinks. It became a blotchy diluted purple, is there a way to salvage those by refiring to 05? Or once the color is burned off (which is what I think happened), I just have to start over? Plus isn't 04 temperature hotter than 05-06, wouldn't I be burning more of the color off by doing another fire of 05-06?

Dear Alach,

Thank you for your follow up question. Yes, you are correct. Cone 04 fires hotter than cone 05. What you should do is to re-apply the glaze before re-firing. Use a heavy grit sand paper to etch the current glaze and then re-glaze. Then re-fire to cone 05. This should cure the problem with the over fired ware and the color should come out as it is suppose to.

If you have problems getting the glaze to adhere to the ware, add a little honey and vinegar to the glaze.

I hope this answers your question. Let me know how your ware turns out. Always at your service.

Ms. Ti Phillips
Earth Stoke 'N Fire Pottery Studio and Artist Retreat


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