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I have a large bowl I would like to use for making bread. my problem is I do not know if it has a food safe glaze. can a piece be reglazed and refired with a food safe glaze? I know zero about pottery so any help u can give me would be great. I know cooking!  :)  thank you so much for your time, really.

Dear Linda,

Thank you for your recent question. Safety and glazes is a great concern when using older pottery, however, in your case, there is no need for concern as in making bread acids are not used to create the bread product. Let me explain.

Lead glazes are only harmful in functional pottery when an acid food such as lemons, tomatoes and other acidic products come in contact with the glaze. This causes leaching of the lead into the food product and can cause toxic poisoning. Furthermore, if the glaze is not a pure color such as bright red, blue, green, but rather off white, it is highly unlikely lead was used in the glaze.

Since bread making does not require the use of acidic materials to create bread, you will not cause a leaching effect with any lead that may be in the glaze.

However, if you are still concerned, instead of re-glazing the bowl, I would go to your local hardware store and purchase a lead leaching testing kit, usually under $15.00, and follow the instructions on testing the bowl. This will give you the answer you need to assure the bowl is safe to use in any situation you choose, whether with making bread or potato salad!

The reason I suggest you avoid re-glazing the bowl is if the pot is very old, it will significantly devalue the bowl and it is difficult to re-glaze a bowl successfully if you have little experience in pottery. This is not saying you could not do it without significant instruction, which I would be happy to give you. It is just a lot of time and work involved to complete a successful re-glaze.

So I suggest purchasing the lead leaching test kit and testing the bowl first. If it tests free of lead, then you have solved the problem and can use the bowl worry free. If it tests that it contains led, use the bowl only to make bread and use no acidic food products in it and the bowl will not leach lead. If you wish to use the bowl for other food products that contain acidic products, then contact me again and I will fully explain how to re-glaze and fire the bowl.

Good luck to you and happy bread making! I am always at your service!

Ms. Ti Phillips
Earth Stoke 'N Fire Pottery Studio and Artist Retreat


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