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Pottery/Qianlong Blue Mark with Letter A


vase 2
vase 2  
QUESTION: Hi i have a blue and white vase with the qianlong mark and was wondering if someone could tell me if it's real or fake ?? Beside the mark they have a letter A that appears to be side ways when looking at the mark. Any info is greatly appreciated.  Thanks

ANSWER: Dear Nathan,

Thank you for your recent question and photos.

I have examined the photos to great extent and the first thing I noticed is the quality of the marks. In both of the vases, the quality is very poor, depicting what we call a mass quantity production vase.

Second, the letter A is actually at the bottom of the mark, so your first photo is showing the mark in its correct position. The letter A is commonly a mark used in potteries showing either the pottery where the vase was made or the artist.

You didn't mention where you obtained the vases. This is often a key as to whether they are real or not. However, in my opinion, with what you have given me to work with, I would be confident to say they are not Qianlong period. I would have to see the artistic design and the vases from all sides to tell you a reference of when they were made.

If you have any further information you are willing to share, I may be able to narrow the time period down and even go on record with a more confident determination as to their authenticity. Please let me know if you wish to share any further information and photos.

I look forward to your reply.

Ms. Ti Phillips
Earth Stoke 'N Fire Pottery Studio and Artist Retreat

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks alot for your reply and time for doing the research on the vase. I have to clarify that all the pictures I sent are of all the same vase, I only have one. I was having a problem uploading a picture that was the right side up. Sorry I did forget to mention I got this vase in London ontario canada. I'm saddened to hear it doesn't hold much value :(
If you find anything else please let me know. Thanks again for your time :)

ANSWER: Dear Nathan,

Thank you for your follow up response and clarification on the single vase. I thought the marks looked to identical to be two vases, but then, with mass productions, that can happen too.

I do want to clarify that I never said your vase is not worth anything. This is why I have requested more information. The more information I have, especially in photos, the better identification I can make. If you wish for me to continue the valuation, I would be glad to. Just send any information and photos you can. You may have to open a new question as I think you are only limited to two replies per question.

Hope to hear from you.

Ms. Ti Phillips
Earth Stoke 'N Fire Pottery Studio and Artist Retreat

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi, yes I would very much appreciate more information,  the more the better. Thanks alot :)

Dear Nathan,

If you can, please send a photo of the vase design. This will help in identifying the time frame in which it was made and I can then also give you an evaluation. You may have to do this in a new question. I look forward to your reply.

Ms. Ti Phillips
Earth Stoke 'N Fire Pottery Studio and Artist Retreat


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